Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the original data?

Yes! You can find all the original files as well as links to the source of the file on our Datasets page.

Why don't you display employee names on your site?

Although the names of employees are public records along with the compensation information, I do not believe publishing the names of employees adds any significant value to a dicussion about salaries in Alaska. I think that the job description and department / agency provides enough information. If you're interested in a specific individual you can check the source files on our Datasets page or make a public records request directly to the government or agency that employees that individual.

Why did you create this site?

I believe that more public access to data is a positive thing for discourse on important issues. I also believe that knowing the salaries of peers in your career field or office increases equality among employees. While the United States has a culture of secrecy around salary information, I believe that this only benefits employers. So, while I can't force private individuals to disclose their salaries I can publish the salaries of public employees. I hope that this will foster discussions on fair wages, pay equality, and help explain the cost of government.

Do you have an API?

We do not have an API at this time but that is on the development agenda.

Can I subscribe for updates?

At this time there is no automated way to sign up for updates to the site. If you're interested in being emailed when new datasets are added please email [email protected].

Where did you get your data?

Some datasets were acquired directly from the government or agency in question while others were requested by other organizations and published on other sites. For a complete list of the source of each dataset please visit the Datasets page.

Why isn't my community available?

We're continually working to add new communities and years of data to the site. If you have a specific agency or government that you'd like to know more about please drop us a note at [email protected] or research out directly to the organization in question. If you do, please consider providing a copy of the data to this site so that others can access the dataset as well.

Why isn't there more recent data for my community?

We're working to add additional years of data for the communities available on this site. For some communities the data available is the most recent year of data that the government or agency would provide. For others, we may not have requested a more recent year yet.

Is there a way to support this site?

Thanks for visiting and your desire to support this site. At this point, there is no way to support this site other than to continue using it and to recommend it to friends. This site is a public resource and passion project.